from the desk of the coo – Nov 2020

Hi All,

This is quite a week and we’re in no way immune from all that’s going on in the world – if anything, I think we’re squarely in the middle of so much of the anxiety and doing our own small part to help calm it. Looking around this team, there is a plethora of folks who’ve given so much of themselves – to DFT, to their families, to their friends, to our community at large – and we’ve done it as a team focused on supporting one another throughout. We’ve powered through in ways where others have fallen or had a hard time pivoting. We’ve come together regardless of distance – that doesn’t go away after tomorrow. From happy hours to costumes, birthdays to All-Company Meeting shout outs, I’m remarkably humbled by the many ways in which we’ve achieved so much in such a short period of time, while honoring and encouraging one another. 

Your safety and your voice matter deeply to us. If you have not yet voted, please make a plan to do so safely, as soon as possible. You’re approved for up to 3hrs off tomorrow. Whether you’re handing in your ballot or voting in person, please remember your mask, distance as best you can, and take hand sanitizer and/or wipes.

Regardless of what tomorrow’s outcome may bring, we’re still us; we’re still privileged to be (quite literally) working around the clock and a safe haven for story tellers to bring their vision to life and into the living rooms of many looking for respite during these challenging days. I know I may sound like a broken record, but I cannot stress this enough – the work you do matters. I know we’re not saving lives, but we are saving livelihoods and sometimes a little bit of sanity. It’s holding others up, getting others back to work, allowing people a moment of escape (whether it’s in watching the work you do or allowing them to do work of their own), but it doesn’t mean that we’re not very aware of the marathon you’ve been running these past several months. I attached an article that I personally found to be encouraging as we all knock up against the feelings around this long stretch of what ifs and what’s next.

With that, Ramy, Renita and I remain open to you for any needs at this time, as are Erin and Avital should they be your more at-the-ready / day-to-day contacts. This team is interlaced, interdependent and interdisciplinary – we’re as such for a reason: to ensure no one is carrying too much on their own.

with gratitude,
nancy jundi, coo
digitalfilm tree