from the desk of the COO – july 1, 2020

Hi All,

Welcome to the 2021 midpoint! It’s been a wild first half with so much preparation and expectation for all that we have yet ahead. With so many new clients coming aboard from GeoPost efforts and Cinecode traction, to Thomas swimming in a bevy of color prospects ranging from a tiny short (by Home Economics Editor, Scott Ashby) all the way to an absolutely jaw dropping, mind blowing archive we’ll tell you about when we’re legally allowed to do so, he’s leveling DFT up like never before in the color world.

The Drop, DFTs new weekly podcast is so much more than a collection of our stories or even a celebration of what we’ve achieved as a team, but a welcoming to the table of so much more and so many others who’ve yet to experience the empowerment of being told “yeah, I think we can do that.”

Looking back at the past year and how many sea changes we’ve gone through, the literal love, sweat and tears (and sometimes blood, just not as much as the love) that have poured into the structure of what we would, and continue to become, is humbling. My hope is that you see it, too, that you’re proud of the work you do, that we do, and that you never stop absorbing how much that work supports and encourages others.


Enjoy the holiday, y’all! Thank you for all you do and how you care for one another!

with gratitude,
nancy jundi, coo
digitalfilm tree