from the desk of the coo – july 22, 2021

“Here’s What I Lasso…”

First, this part of our monthly newsletter is a little early!

Second, that with the season 2 premiere of Ted Lasso hitting as I type, you’re gonna start to hear from folks. And I hope you take a moment to listen.

This is rare. It’s a weird thing to say, but I’ve been in this industry for 25+ years, and for all the cool stuff I’ve gotten to work on or be a part of, I can’t really tell you that there’s any familiarity to this universal level of impact.

Impact on spirit, character, hope – the intentions of a soul. This…

It is  this.

This team, the work we do – the work you do, as an individual, and with such awareness of how (y)our work is interdependent upon one another’s. That’s the business. Full stop. End scene.

You bring your absolute best in through these doors or onto your workstation every single day and it shows. Day in and day out, you leave it all on the screen.

Part of why we’ve all been so proud of and consumed by the Herculean effort that is this series, Ted Lasso, is that it’s a show about a soccer team – that’s not really about soccer.

And DFT is a Post House that’s not really about Post. 

We’ve gone through something quite remarkable as a motley crew of talented, yet humble folks who brought their uniquely valuable selves to each and every challenge. Where we were at this point two years ago is so wildly different from where we are now. Even 6 months ago. And not a one of us could have done that without the other.

It’s not necessarily about what we do here, but rather who we are and why we do it – most importantly why it’s as a team. And I will be forever proud of, humbled by and honored for having put something like this into the world alongside this team.

So listen. As friends reach out to applaud your work and connect with you over the shared experience that is The Lasso Vibe, just listen. Because there is a shift – when you go from the one listening to being the one listened to. The weight of your words fall a little differently. A certain scope of heavy filters in through the cracks where intention should be. And this is remarkable time to be intentional.

Congrats, team. What an effort – far from over, but for now, while Lasso begins hitting screens around the world, know how very proud you should be of what you’ve helped usher in.

Hope, connection, empathy…

Job well done, y’all.

With Gratitude,

Nancy Jundi

DigitalFilm Tree