from the desk of the coo – may 2nd, 2022

My Darling DFT,

So this seems to be our 2022:

  • insanely humbling & giant opportunities
  • whiz, bang, zoom deadlines
  • growing DFT with remarkable people<
  • learning and leading with new clients, and long time clients with new challenges
  • palpable team work, evidenced by shocking feats and deliveries
  • parties… So many parties

Long story short, we’re a little past a third of the way through the year now – and it has been unrelenting.

Me being me, I’m going to start forcing vacations and throwing folks out of the building, so get yours in the calendar before I start revoking logins. Work hard, rest well, people!

Our current slate of dailies shows will begin barreling down on vfx, color and online, never mind the growing portfolio over in Cinecode. The Drop has burgeoned into a show that has an uncomfortably large and growing sum of people downloading/watching every week. There is a wall of folks breathing down Ramy’s neck for everything from Cinecode and VFX to Dailies and Color – literally all the way through to security and learning how to better conform in Resolve. We have white paper requests!

Here’s the thing though – we’re still us. And we’re going to remain us. There are so many opportunities for us to take this moment for granted or to fumble the wonderful opportunities and people coming our way, but at every turn we’ve put people first and honored the storytellers we serve with that very same respect.

That’s just not possible without y’all. Who you are and how you care for one another and those we serve.

This is quite a time, and I’m really grateful to be in it with y’all.

Can’t wait to margarita bar with you all on Cinco de Mayo!


With Gratitude,