from the desk of the coo – november 1, 2021

what a month. I blinked and it was gone. october saw some insane feats, historic achievements and landmark hurdles for us all. we threw an official wrap party for one of the biggest shows on the planet. we’ve secured some color and restoration for some pretty amazing musical libraries. We were asked to previs a kubla khan like dome in vegas. We’ve cracked open doors with tech partners left, right and around the moon to speed up true, global camera to cloud/camera raw storage. We’re a tiny podcast that’s becoming anything but tiny. Calls from old friends, new acquaintances and random indies alike have become commonplace. The emails… my golly, the emails…

But there has also been respite. There has been joy. There has been an overwhelming amount of collaboration, new opportunities, and passion driven work happening in these halls.

Please don’t take this for granted.

Headed into Thanksgiving month, I’m looking back at an incredible October that we can and should be proud of, but more than ever – after lots of vacations, team members added, benefits galore and a ship that’s weathered a pandemic, a strike threat and a massive re-org before that – I see and hear us running, running, running without stopping to look around and celebrate one another.

One of our most direct competitors just laid everyone off and told them they could apply to the parent company if they want to be considered for a role. Productions aren’t yet back to 100% and IATSE’s contract hasn’t been ratified / we could yet have a strike situation.

And yet…

We’re not perfect, no company is, but I do think we’re a cut above so much of what’s out there. And so far as other industries go, well, there’s a litany of reasons why I left tech and startups to come back to post. So celebrate one another, the work we get to do together and the achievements we’ve had as a team…

We all spend far too much time together to take one another for granted.

Encourage people. Thank them.

Say thank you. Send some care. Be grateful.