about: kat domiguez

kat domiguez

executive administrator

“it's like having a behind the scenes view of how my favorite shows/films are made. i have a whole new appreciation for all of the incredible work that gets done here!”

based: los angeles, ca

since: september 2023

nothing falls through the cracks under the watchful eye of executive administrator, kat domiguez. kat keeps nancy and ramy’s calendars up-to-date and their lives in check. “it's really about staying on track with things and being an extension of nancy,” she says. kat has accomplished a lot in her short time at dft, most significantly the mean girls-themed 2023 holiday party, which was a banger (bangers only at dft). kat assisted with planning and decor, which allowed her to use her artistic background: she went to school for animation and did illustration and digital artwork (she designed stickers for the infamous ted lasso party before joining dft full-time). “the mean girls party had so many details and i'm proud of the fact that i was able to come in and use my creative skills,” she says. “i spent a couple weeks with a bunch of cardboard in the front office cutting out how i was going to build this stage because we were doing it on a budget, because it was during the strike. and i would just tell them that i was making a fort in the front office.”

current obsession: the last of us: part ii video game. it's terrifying to play, but the story is so captivating. i'm looking forward to seeing the tv series adaptation of it and watching my favorite characters come to life.

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068