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"you’re getting a preview of the cinematic view and can plot everything out before you’re on set - knowing exactly which lenses you want allows you to better arrange your day with your directors . . ."

cinecode 2021/2022 reel
a live editable environment
Cinecode utilizes game engine technology to allow productions to plan their shoots through previsualization.
umbrella academy previs
the drop @ dft podcast ep. 401
a behind-the-scenes look into some of the most complex shots and moments from season 2 and sneak peeks into season 3!
wtf is cinecode?
the drop @ dft podcast ep. 103
cinecode’s formidable brain trust dives into the world of previs, techvis, lidar & the many shows leveraging this technology to dream big while saving time & money
ted lasso previs
the drop @ dft podcast ep. 204
team lasso’s performance on the pitch gets a bit of help in previs. katelyn hollenbeck, lasso’s lead post super, joins us to talk about being on the virtual pitch, in a game engine.

" . . . you’re essentially putting your shot list together. you’re able to get technical coordinates and utilize a fully scaled model to place set pieces, determine the proper lenses, create a camera look and put all of that into a storyboard."

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