//the drop


season 3

//pandemics for geniuses
covid has been a global nightmare. for a post house trying to help shows deliver so audiences had a bit of comfort, we were ultimately concerned about our team and clients making it happen. join us as we divulge the how of it all with our hr manager & director of operations.
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episode #301 //pandemics for geniuses


//curiosity for geniuses
curiosity remains our highest tenet when hiring, encouraging and supporting our team. it isn’t the easiest concept to unpack or teach, rather it’s become a habit and goal - to ask questions, be willing to fail or be uncomfortable, but most importantly to learn and teach as we do.
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episode #302 //curiosity for geniuses


//color science for geniuses
colorists have long been as critical to the finishing process as cinematographers are to production, but shocking advancements in technology have begun surfacing the power of a technical brain that hyper charges their creative one. our color team dissects the tools and the talents of their craft!
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episode #303 //color science for geniuses


//vfx for geniuses
if we didn’t spend every day with this crew & watch them blow $#!+ up, we might not believe how much of what you see on screen is vfx either, but here we are with an hpa award nominated visual effects team! we’ll share shots that may shock, graphics that may astonish & bushels of humility about it all.
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episode #304 //vfx for geniuses


//innovation for geniuses
an idea in the moment rarely makes the jump to a product or service in practice. our client partnerships, their pain points in the field or in the bay have allowed us to solve and innovate at lightning speeds. join our ceo, our head of product, and one of longest collaborators as we share some secrets!
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episode #305 //innovation for geniuses



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