//restoration & remastering

restoration & remastering

greg filkins
master scanner & post engineer
scott bradbury
cto & hdr express artist


from scanning film and ai upscaling video, to a faster way to bring your sdr-first projects into a hdr world, dft is your dolby certified gold standard. bring us your vault, your promo, your home movies, docuseries, concert film or long lost footage - every time we think we've seen it all, now show us what you've got.

prince remastered
the way he was meant to be seen, in his all-colorful reign.
waterworld behind-the-scenes
restoring lost scenes and memorable moments.
a little r & r
restoring and remastering some of the biggest and boldest works.
dances with wolves bts
in full color - bringing unforgettable memories back to life, the way we remember it.
hdr for everyone
see the difference before your eyes - and below your budget.
restoration & remastering
the many options and facets of bringing new life to older media.
hdr express
the color science behind wowing your eye and future proofing libraries.

"digitalfilm tree has consistently blown us away with what's possible. their scans are unmatched and their restoration work has resurrected some truly precious images. the meticulous care taken at every step, all the way through to final color has made very challenging material absolutely jump off the screen." — susan ricketts, studio 34

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los angeles, ca 90068