what the vfx?

avital shalev
creative services director
dylan chudzinsky
head of vfx


vfx for geniuses
the drop @ dft podcast ep. 304
if we didn’t spend every day with this crew & watch them blow $#!+ up, we might not believe how much of what you see on screen is vfx either, but here we are with an hpa award nominated visual effects team!
lasso vfx
the drop @ dft podcast ep. 208
lasso fans @ sxsw were blown away when we revealed how much vfx work goes into the show, so much so that team lasso has 2 post supers! join brooke davis and members of the barnstorm/dft vfx teams to deep dive on bringing the pitch to life!
vfx 2020/2021
our latest visual mayhem
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vfx 2018/2019
"fathers were reunited with sons"
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