what the vfx?

avital shalev
creative services director
dylan chudzynski
head of vfx

"dft's competitive pricing, quality of work, and dedication to helping their clients realize their creative needs saved our project more times than i can count. they are the most effective vendor i have worked with and i can not recommend them enough."
– jacob cohen, vfx producer, manifest s4


2022/23 reel
we went hard, left it all on the field and raised the roof
ted lasso s1-3
you won't 'believe' your eyes
shrinking s1
you're about to see a butt lose it's modesty cloth
umbrella academy s1-3
making the weird real
manifest s2-4
revealing the magic behind the mystery
for all mankind s4
revealing the magic behind the mystery
ncis: los angeles: the final seasons
rounding out 14 years of explosive visuals
the conners s4-5
we apologize to the studio audience for not getting to see these
supporting vfx
a sampling of the wide variety of clients we've assisted
cruel summer S1-2
that make a splash
dave s1-3
the stuff we can actually show
vfx and ai
the robots may be rising, but some of them are actually coming to help...
vfxe explained
data management becomes art
vfx for geniuses
the drop @ dft podcast ep. 304
ted lasso & dft vfx
the drop @ dft podcast ep. 208
vfx 2020/2021
the pandemic years: visual mayhem
hpa award submission 2018
fathers were reunited with sons

we blow it up, paint it out, put it in, make them younger, make them older, set stuff on fire, submerge stuff in water, make sunlight into moonlight, and turn men into martians. whether you dreamt it up or just didn't make the shot on the day,
dft has a global team of artists that can bring it to life in time.

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