about: cameron ake

cameron ake

sr. vfx generalist

"it makes the days go by a lot smoother on a day to day basis being able to be in touch with people with little to no roadblocks and then having any technical problems be met with precision."

based: perkinsboro, tn

since: september 2021

cameron ake is the swiss army knife to complex vfx problems. as a generalist, cameron is available to take care of whatever is needed in the vfx department. anything that happens, he's on hand to fix it with his creative mind that operates like an engineer's. cameron-who works remotely just south of nashville where he resides with his family-applies his uniquely artistic and technical gifts to vfx. "to have artistic control over getting exactly what you want, you have to have a very strong technical mind to implement the tools to achieve the artistic look that you're going for," he says. cameron enjoys the challenge of vfx, and the possibilities that come with creating something. some days are simple, and some days are not. he's particularly fond of the teamwork on manifest, despite tight deadlines and many obstacles. "it was a huge undertaking for us to try to branch out to more creatively and technically challenging work."

current obsession: tk

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los angeles, ca 90068