about: eric kurzreiter

eric kurzreiter

nuke compositor

“my work is valued, i am valued, i am not just a name on an employee list, but a part of a team and a chosen family. i matter and my work matters.”

based: vancouver, bc

since: june 2022

eric's favorite part of his job is the final product; seeing the results of post-production artistry is his equivalent of a perfectly baked cake (no soggy bottom). his knack for problem solving meets his ever-evolving creative mind and stems from years of on-set experience in his home of vancouver. “achieving the invisibility of [vfx] is really hard, but it's really rewarding,” he says. “that's a big part that keeps me going,” whether it’s a shot that takes him a few hours, one work day, or several weeks. his work on the second season of freeform’s cruel summer remains his most challenging and simultaneously, most rewarding work at dft, so far. the series hinges on telling a story from different perspectives and in different timelines, which required a lot of moving parts. “in my experience, when you're in an environment that is extraordinarily professional and operating at the highest level, it tends to feel kind of cold just because everybody's focusing on perfection. it's so bizarre because at dft it's very much that, but everybody's having a good time at the same time. it's such a good feeling.”

current obsession: over-landing and 4x4 adventures in my far from stock jeep wrangler is my jam.

my passions in life have crossed a thousand seas to explore and find new and exciting things, this has lead me through many careers and professions that have given me unique perspectives and opportunities to learn thing, one of which is the automotive industry.

drone cinematography for vfx scenes.

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068