about: erin white

erin white

director of content and data security

"dft will work to figure it out so that you can meet deadlines, have efficiency, and come in at a budget. you shouldn't be going over budget. and that sets us apart."

based: los angeles, ca

since: september 2013

erin white is the lock and key of dft. as the director of content and data security, it's erin's job to oversee anything and everything that comes in and out of the facility. to clients, her most important job is preventing leaks. no pressure, right? erin cites dft's cohesiveness and efficiency as integral to her role: the smoother the company runs, the smoother the security. but there certainly are still challenges: she recalls getting a text on a saturday morning alerting her that one of the alarms went off on one of the servers, so she headed straight to the facility. “i was in my pajama pants because it was still early in the morning.” the issue was resolved thanks to expert problem-solving, and the experience opened up the opportunity to add additional servers and standardize all systems, which she made a goal to complete by early 2024. “that was like a five year project,” she says. “so it was like a celebration that day [when it was completed].”

current obsession: k-pop group enhypen. they came up on my algorithm watching for dance moves but are the only k-pop group i've seen with a connective tissue from album to album and have also inspired me with ideas for additional revenue streams for digitalfilm tree related to content production, finishing, and distribution, securely.

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068