about: jacob tillman

jacob tillman

senior online editor

"you just feel like you're a part of something. you feel special, like your story has meaning and that it's going to get that pro eye on it to take it to the finish line, to basically give you the best product you could possibly have."

based: los angeles,ca

since: march 2008

senior online editor jacob tillman began his career at dft with a full circle moment. a colleague mentioned that he was working at the same station where film editor walter murch-jacob's north star-cut cold mountain. jacob considers himself "old school" dft, having been at the company for over 15 years. his job is taking cuts to the finish line: the last set of eyes before the audience. before joining the company, jacob worked at other post-houses, but fell in love with dft's boutique atmosphere, transparency and an environment where everyone-from artists to management-is welcome and encouraged to speak their mind. the most massive project he's worked on is the third and final season of ted lasso, which contains a plethora of memories for him. at times, the project required working 48 hours straight. "it was intense," jacob says. "but everybody came together, pulled their weight, and we just came out on the other side."

current obsession: golf. it's something that i enjoy with our fellow dfters on a monthly basis.

a good quote from arnold palmer: "golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated"

from me: "golf, the obsession is real!

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068