about: joshua peffley

joshua peffley

vfx editor

"i genuinely do feel like at dft, they see people as people-as people who have a story, who have something to say."

based: los angeles,ca

since: april 2021

as a vfx editor, joshua peffley sets up both vfx artists and clients for success, and helps the department adjust to changes. it's fitting, because he's one of those people who actually likes change. "post-production always changes," he says, "whether that be a workflow or the technology itself." joshua, who comes from a coloring background, describes vfx editors as “dealers of the visual effects world,” or the "middle men" who go between. while vfx editorial work can be a little arduous, the same thing over and over again, joshua relishes in the challenges. he enjoys working with the team to figure out what's wrong and how the team can fix it, together. "to have companionship with the people i work with makes the days simpler," he says. his work in vfx teaches him even more about the post process every day. in the meantime, he's shadowing colleagues in the color department and picking their amazing brains. "i keep evolving."

current obsession: tv binger, currently on mad men

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068