about: manmeet singh

manmeet singh

vfx supervisor

"everybody really has something that they want to accomplish. everybody wants to get to a certain place. everybody here is so willing to help the other person out."

based: los angeles,ca

since: september 2020

manmeet is at dft all because he didn't get into a high school architecture class. no, really. instead, he signed up for a film class, which toured the dft facility. long story short, he worked at the company starting at 17 years-old, left for a short while, and is now dft's visual effects supervisor. manmeet's innovative mind and welcoming personality have shaped him into an essential part of the dft family, a mentor and inspiration to many. manmeet oversees vfx throughout every step of the process, from pre-production to post: he's on set figuring out the best way to shoot to optimize the effects, and he's also in the facility to support artists and the client to ensure everything goes smoothly for the best final cut possible. manmeet believes that the more you pre-plan, the better the result. "i really like the creative aspects of [vfx] where you get to really come up with creative solutions," he says. he loves set extensions, because they give him-and the team-any opportunity to build something out of, essentially, nothing. "it can literally take a boring scene and change the entire feeling and the mood."

current obsession: rummikub, it's like scrabble with numbers! that and slowly becoming one of those audiophiles building out a hifi audio system to just sit and enjoy music for hours.

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068