about: matthew kirkman

matthew kirkman

manager & io/dailies operator

"i would hope dft helps with more projects that not just entertain, but contain messages that help make the world a better place."

based: los angeles,ca

since: september 2020

every company needs a marie kondo. it's always been matthew kirkman's dream to work on "actual big shows or movies" in hollywood. and at dft he's doing just that. matthew, who initially got into the business out of his love for nature documentaries, started as a dailies operator at dft and rose in the ranks. now, he's the asset manager & io/dailies operator-the tl;dr title is "the organizer." matthew grew into the role as a result of his (extremely healthy, by the way!) obsession with organization. he started to become interested in organizing dft's assets, including assets in the company vault. "i like organizing things," he says. "i like putting things in the order they need to go. i don't know, it's just something i like to do." now, putting company assets into places that are easier to find is his full-time job. essentially, he makes the entire facility and everyone's jobs run like a well-oiled (and well-organized) machine, using barcodes and film/tv posters to make things easy to find and see. besides the mammoth challenge of organizing mammoth levels of assets, matthew enjoys seeing raw, unedited footage of television shows and films in the process.

current obsession: waterfalls! with all the rain we've gotten, there are a surprising number of waterfalls around la that can be reached with a good hike!

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068