about: matthew markley

matthew markley

senior geopost operator and deliverables assistant

"the environment is still very deadline driven and everything, but it's as relaxed an environment as you can get while given the nature of the industry."

based: los angeles,ca

since: february 2021

matthew markley knew dft was his new home during his interview when he mentioned that he wished more people knew about the 1942 horror film cat people. night operations manager mike streeter hopped off camera and returned holding a criterion collection copy (physical media!). "i was like, okay, we're of the same mind," he says. "in a silly way, i think that sealed the deal." matthew started at dft in the role of dailies operator, but due to his in-depth knowledge, eagerness to learn, and tenacity, he's risen in the ranks to senior geopost operator and deliverables assistant, which he describes as "a fancy way of saying i help out with a lot of different departments." in essence, he takes the lead on geopost, making sure that the company and clients have access to the work they need from anywhere and everywhere in the world. matthew's favorite part of his job is the opportunity to do so many different things at once: he's involved in dailies and gets to dabble in various departments at dft, with color being a particular favorite.

current obsession: i've been watching a lot of anime lately, and i have also been playing a lot of helldivers 2.

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068