about: michael carter

michael carter

vfx artist

"even though it is a business, people are looking out for each other and i find that very different from other places where the employees are backstabbing each other to try and get up for the next project. we're all sharing our knowledge and giving everything we can to each other to solve what we as a collective group need to accomplish."

based: los angeles,ca

since: march 2015

visual affects artist, michael carter has been at dft (which he describes as an "oasis") for so long that he remembers when the department was just three people. "we were like those vikings in the bottom of the boat, just rowing our oars as fast as we could to get as much work out as best we could," he says. michael, who specializes in aftereffects, and has decades of post experience, has risen to the top deck of the aforementioned viking ship now that the department has more resources and more people. maybe it's actually a spaceship now? over the years, dft's lineup has become so top-tier that michael is proud of everything he touches, including ted lasso, the umbrella academy, and ncis: los angeles, which required a lot of 3d work, a division which wouldn't exist without michael's input: he pushed for it early on, learned enough 3d to get it done, and that is what planted the seeds for what has become dft's now "small, thriving" 3d department.

current obsession: his son's violin skills and the miraculous revival of the detroit lions.

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068