about: omar ellison

omar ellison

vfx editor

"dft is really a refuge for people who have already gone through this type of stuff."

based: los angeles,ca

since: december 2021

from an early age, vfx editor omar ellison was primed for a career in politics, with the ultimate goal of becoming a senator or a governor (maybe both, maybe president) one day. but once he was studying political science in college, his love for it faded. a friend floated the idea that all of the skills he harnessed as a political candidate are the same skills required to make it in the film industry, and he went to film school. omar, who has loved film his whole life, describes his role as vfx editor as "quite complicated and complex," despite the fact that he does not actually create any visual effects himself. "most people don't understand it," he says. "i would argue that even some of my coworkers don't know what i do daily." essentially, he views himself as a translator: from client to artist, from artist to client. as the go-between between clients and the vfx team (and vice versa), omar's rizz keeps things running smoothly, all with the undeniable charm of a movie star. beyond his day to day duties, omar hopes to use his position and political background to help diversify both dft and in turn, the post-industry as a whole.

current obsession: true detective, night country

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068