about: taylor worst

taylor worst

vfx producer

"my favorite thing about working here is the people. it's kind of like a create-your-own adventure story."

based: los angeles, ca

since: november 2021

bows are everywhere these days, but they'll never go out of style for finishing producer, silvia spinelli, who is responsible for project managing and packaging television shows. “i wrap it in a pretty bow, deliver it to the client, and make sure it's done by the due date,” she says. silvia has bounced around “many” post-houses and networks both big and small throughout her illustrious career. the most thrilling part of the work for silvia, is taking on a challenge and the most rewarding part is building relationships with her post team. her ability to take care of a team, and make sure everyone on that team has what they need, make her an essential member of the dft squad and a successful finishing producer, in addition, of course, to her innate ability to wrap a television show up in a pretty bow, delivered perfectly on time.

current obsession: cooking and trying to cook everything from scratch...and yes that includes bread. my last creation was homemade graham crackers with honey since that is my sons favorite and wanted to see if i can make it and it was a hit!

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068