come on in

dear friends,

like you, we have found ourselves in a new age of innovation and urgency to solve for our industry’s greatest challenges. we’re hyper aware of the role we play in the larger scope of responsibility – to our immediate community, as well as those we serve at home, watching the shows we help bring to life.

digitalfilm tree (dft) has long prioritized the needs of creatives around the world and aimed to democratize both the information and the technology that will power forward progress for the storyteller. because of that goal, we have served remote needs for the better part of a decade, with both security and collaborative efficiency at the heart of our remote services.

to that end, we are ready – our immediate actions, in light of the covid-19 “safer at home” measures and the health of our people, were to solve for the complex needs of our in-house artists, knowing that if we got that right, we could offer sound and stable solutions to our community. our only goal is to help our friends – you – to keep working, and to work safely, wherever you may be. that applies to the security of your health as well as your media.

while some shows have gone on hiatus, others have moved their teams into individual homes, relying on physical drives to be shuttled between creatives, and slow home internet connections, full of potential security blind spots. we are painfully aware of both the bottlenecks and vulnerabilities of this workflow, which emboldened us to iterate on grander scale solutions with more determination than ever before.

as an essential service provider, dft remains open for physical needs with a smaller crew of less than 10 people in the building at any given time, adhering to all safety, sanitizing and distancing recommendations made by the center for disease control (cdc) and the city of los angeles. the rest of our team is now operating from home to continue servicing our clients’ needs.

“what is your greatest pain point” is a question dft clients have heard often. we’re asking you that now – whether we have worked together before or this is the first time you’ve heard of us, we’re raising our hand to help. now is not the time to compromise the security of your health, work or your media.

bring us your challenges, your biggest obstacles to continuing your project or keeping your media secure – and let’s get you back to work.

in this together,

ramy katrib
digitalfilm tree