dft is growing!

digitalfilm tree (dft), a post and production veteran facility in los angeles, is a leader in cloud based dailies, remote editorial and finishing, vfx, archival services and on site/in house needs. we are an authority in cyber security for media & entertainment with ongoing r&d efforts that have contributed meaningful software applications to our community. as a multi talented collective of thought leaders, dft is hoping to add another super hero to our team in several areas!

in house post finishing producer:

vfx artist(s):

vfx editor:

geodailies operator:

game engine developer (unity & unreal c++/c#):

some of the soft skills we seek in any candidate:

interdisciplinary: meaning we all possess more than one strength across the scope of facility needs (i.e. our cto is also our senior colorist, our director of content is also an authority in billing and data security, our online editor is also one of our content producers, etc.)

clear communicator: context is incredibly important to us. because of the large scope of innovation we put forward, teams could easily lose track of what one hand is doing that impacts the other. we prioritize efficiency, but never at the cost of leaving anyone in the dark.

endlessly curious: while we respect advancements being made outside of dft, we know we have an incredibly gifted team of people in house who are building and have built some of the most progressive m&e platforms in use on cutting edge shows. so we’re constantly learning, building, breaking, battle testing and imagining new solutions for our client partners and do our best to remain brand and workflow agnostic. simply put, we have respect for, but no room for ”traditional” thinking about industry norms or ”how things have always been done.” we pioneer and innovate for our clients’ biggest challenges.

if you see yourself in the above descriptions or your talents in those links, please reach out to dftjobs@digitalfilmtree.com with a resume – and make your subject line your favorite movie so we know a bit about you!

with gratitude,
nancy jundi, coo
digitalfilm tree