dft joins hpa’s remote check-in panel

industry experts weigh in on the current state of remote production and new challenges.

an in-depth conversation on remote production in 2021, including centralized storage, media management & 5g innovations.

join HPA NET for a panel discussion on the current state of remote production. Industry experts will weigh in on the current production cycle and explore how challenges are being addressed.

• Original Camera Footage is being put in the cloud. What are we learning and what workflows are being enabled and at what cost? Are we finding the efficiencies we were looking for?

• We are leaning heavily on our network connections. Are the shows able to get the connectivity they need? Will 5G or Wifi6 save us from the last 1000 feet problem?

• Centralized storage is starting to happen, but it may not be as centralized as you think it is. What is the state of media management as it relates to production?

• OTT workflows in production: video conferencing on the production level has arrived. “Good enough” streams enabling creative conversations in Pre-Vis and editorial are improving collaboration BEFORE we render a new file. Is this evolving?

• How is the metadata era shaping up?

view the webinar: https://hpaonline.com/event/net-remote-production-check-in-an-update-from-the-field/


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