digitalfilm tree goes 100gb

geopost applies new advances in technology to empower storytellers

digitalfilm tree’s internet infrastructure, networking, and security capabilities rival much larger studios and isps. by reducing a budget’s time constraints and production waste, dft (via geopost) is uniting content creators with global audiences, leveraging secure and cloud-based remote workflows in less time and at less cost, and is doing all this at 100gb/s!

geopost empowers storytellers, unites productions worldwide, and advances the film and television industries into a new era of creative collaboration at breakneck speed.

the tech in a nutshell

in may of this year (2022), digitalfilm tree began leasing a fiber pair from a major internet exchange point, the unmatched connectivity of one wilshire, which is cross connected over to cogent at 100gb/s. dft’s custom connectivity is designed in a way to keep pace with major internet service providers like comcast and media distributors like netflix.