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about us

celebrating our 25th year, dft is more than just a post house. we're known for our vfx, previs, and finishing work, as well as securing and transporting your camera masters in the cloud (dailies), and recently restoring lost libraries with our film scanners and proprietary remastering workflows. however, we are truly an education and innovation company, focused on democratizing technology so every voice can tell their story with the best tools, regardless of location or limits. we are for and from a different kind of thinker. that's the dft way.

who we are

//we love stories & technology - we create, repurpose, and use the latest, cutting edge, tech innovations for the advancement of storytelling

//we strive to democratize technology - empowering anyone, from any culture and corner of the world to tell meaningful stories, without limitations

//we believe stories matter & are the highest form of expression - we'll stop at nothing to facilitate & enhance anyone's ability to bring theirs to life

//we are in a relentless pursuit of innovation - this enables us to provide the best tools, services & education to empower any storyteller

what we believe

//innovation - innovation for us is a way of life. we are relentless about it, in anything we do, within the company, with clients and our community

//creativity in all we do - in storytelling, in our products, in solutions we offer our clients, in approaches we take internally

//inclusion - anybody within the company has a seat at the table - there is no hierarchy, and all ideas are not only welcome, but key to our growth

//excellence - we strive to create the most effective products and provide first class service to our clients

//people - we are a safe haven for the coolest creatives and technologists, who possess an eternal curiosity and love for storytelling and innovation

//community - most of us have been here since day one - many babies were born along the way - we respect, understand & support each other’s needs, drive & desires

our projects

Ted Lasso Logo
Shrinking Logo
The Conners Logo
NCIS:Los Angeles Logo
The Umbrella Academy Logo
Dave Logo

and many more!

interdependent | interdisciplinary | iccosphere

we can do hard things together

this is a team - no one is an island

we are comprised of absolutely legendary superheroes. no one single person can go it alone. this team exists to summit the kind of exceptional challenges that require all of us to amplify and offer strengths while covering and carrying when and where there may be a weak moment or area.

dft has four teams - our iccosphere

these teams, like the individuals who comprise them, are interdependent, and interdisciplinary.

DFT's iccosphere quadrant graphic.


infrastructure is the team upon which all else rests, is built upon, and serves all functions of dft.


content oversees all physical and digital media storage, transportation and management, originating from both client & internal teams.


creative produces or reworks the media by which our shows deliver a final element, episode or feature.


operations facilitates the communication and care for our team and our clients.

foundational team care

ownership & championship

concerns, complaints, congrats and compliments - these go up to those charged with helping and serving a team at dft. we celebrate and learn together.


regular gatherings and collective idea sharing that helps the team push past bottle necks, as well as individual check-ins to foster professional growth and communication.


individual opportunities to learn from one another - be it larger context or in-the-moment feedback - is the care and weight of those charged with leadership and managing dft's prosperity. our floor, door and table is open - we all have seats, and we stay at the table until we've faced the challenge together.

the drop @ dft

our podcast

part ken burns documentary, part comedians in cars getting coffee, the drop @ dft explores and unpacks all things behind the curtain of bringing your favorite stories to the screen. team digitalfilm tree will welcome guests from both our own in-house artists and the clients we serve to share with you the how, why, and wtf of storytelling. listen as creative technologists and technical creatives discuss the innovations behind the stories appearing in your hand or in your home.

view on our website: digitalfilmtree.com/thedrop/

additional info

because it matters

dft's 2024 holiday calendar

location, location, location

los angeles | vancouver | new york | london

work options

remote, onsite, and hybrid! many of our team members work from home, throughout the united states and abroad, but the heart and nerve center of our operations is fixed in los angeles, ca.

3475 cahuenga blvd. west, los angeles, ca 90068

for more information contact sophie siegel
manager of talent acquisition and employment brand

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068