ramy katrib takes NAB!

Randi Altman of postperspective chats with our fearless leader, Ramy katrib while they took in the return of nab!

While so much innovation occurred during the pandemic, much of what made DFT successful during Covid had long been in place.

GeoPost, GeoFinish, GeoDailies and even our security routers for those working from home had been in use since 2014 all around the globe – from Fiji and London to Puerto Rico and Pacoima!

Camera to cloud became a catch phrase during the pandemic, but for nearly a decade, we’ve just called it GeoPost – and you’ve seen it in action on some of you’re favorite shows!

Ramy shares about the Ted Lasso workflow in London, Home Economics just a few miles away, Wrecked in Fiji, and the burgeoning mass of productions in Vancouver and Puerto Rico where we receive dailies in the cloud and have them ready for you anywhere in the world the next morning.

At DFT these aren’t just dailies – this is the new way of processing, protecting, and parsing out precious original camera masters to every department. From editorial to promo, vfx, color and conform, whether with us our one of our industry peers, DFT is making productions around the world run faster, safer, smoother and far more affordably.

Listen in as Ramy unpacks the power in our one little GeoPod!