the rate survey – 2023

dft partners with katie hinsen for rate transparency

digitalfilm tree (dft) has partnered with katie hinsen, founder and data analyst of the post production rate survey, which is in it’s 8th year helping bring transparency to workers in all areas of post production around the globe. 

the survey provides a snapshot of the industry, as well as informs people on what others of their experience and region are receiving as a pay rate. it breaks down statistics from gender, to race, to location and roles, which allows for an anonymous look at others like you in the industry. as reported by the survey, in 2022, people of color in the industry were paid fifteen percent less than their white colleagues and fifteen percent of men made more than their women colleagues.

in 2021, sixty percent of the respondents were men and that number has increased this past year to sixty-four percent. last year, thirty-three point six percent were women and two percent were neither.

hinsen recently stopped by dft to discuss this initiative on the drop episode 706, “equity in post.” in the episode, hinsen provided data stories that help paint a wide picture of the industry and the various pay discrepancies. joined by avital shalev, director of creative services at dft, shalev pointed out that “as someone from a different country, this helps me to be clear on what a normal pay ask may be.”

the survey is completely anonymous. anyone can take this survey, as long as you work in the post production industry, in any capacity–from billing assistants to vfx artists, receptionists to facility managers – the survey helps to capture a snapshot of the industry. make sure you are counted today and that you and your colleagues are paid what you’re worth! 

you can take the survey here.