digitalfilm tree to premiere in-depth post-production podcast, the drop @ dft

DigitalFilm Tree (DFT), the LA-based post-production house behind shows like Ted Lasso, Home Economics, the upcoming Head of the Class reboot and and many others, is proud to announce The Drop @ DFT, a new podcast hosted by DFT COO and ACE’s CinemaEditor writer Nancy Jundi. Premiering on Wednesday, June 30th, The Drop will highlight the heroes of post-production, both on the show and vendor sides of the production fence. The Drop will explore the cutting-edge technologies that empower editors, colorists, producers, VFX artists, and anyone else trying to make post workflows more efficient, timely, and affordable.

The show will ultimately serve as both a primer for both post production veterans searching for the newest innovations as well as students and listeners looking to break into the industry. DFT will cover remote post, virtual production (gmae engine technology), network security, color science and partnerships that have lead to light year jumps in workflow efficiencies.

Thanks to their unique and inventive workflows, DigitalFilm Tree remained fully staffed and continued to grow while making the 100% pivot to remote, both internally and for their clients during the pandemic, in addition to onboarding others who’d struggled to adapt as quickly, helping to keep more shows going during the production shut downs.  

DigitalFilm Tree’s The Drop will push future-forward innovations leveraged on shows such as Ted Lasso, FX’s Dave, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, NCIS: Los Angeles, The Umbrella Academy and more. The Drop will interview both the minds behind those shows and the creative technologists who support bringing them to the screen, while pulling back the curtain on how we, as a below-the-line community of industry professionals can and do “fix it in post.”