ted lasso: producing in a pandemic


With production teams in London and Los Angeles, the producers of the hit show Ted Lasso have used innovative remote tools to create the summer’s biggest comedy. Now with 20 Emmy nominations, Kip Kroeger, Supervising Producer of Ted Lasso, is joined by Ramy Katrib, CEO of DigitalFilm Tree, to discuss how they collaborate remotely to produce the show. We’ll also check in on what’s happening in Las Vegas with Insiders contributor Matt Kenagy, a veteran of Caesars and Venetian.

guest: kip kroeger, supervising producer, ted lasso

Kip Kroeger is an award-winning producer who began his career working as a PA on Scrubs, moving up the ladder to Post-Production Supervisor by the series’ final season. Currently, the supervising producer of AppleTV’s hit series Ted Lasso, and a co-producer on such productions as ABC’s The Conners and FX’s Dave, Kip spends his dwindling free time developing his own streaming, film, and TV projects.

guest: ramy katrib, founder & ceo, digitalfilm tree

Ramy Katrib is an award-winning filmmaker and CEO / Founder of DigitalFilm Tree (DFT), an 18 year old post-production and software development company. Ramy started his career in media & technology over 25 years ago, as filmmaker, negative cutter, and telecine colorist. In all the organizations and projects he propels, Ramy champions a multidisciplinary work culture, led by world-class creatives and technologists working hand in hand to solve huge problems. DFT played a key role in transitioning the media and entertainment industry to digital post and file-based workflows, on projects like Cold Mountain and Scrubs. Today DFT is the leading provider of IP based production, post, story visualization services and software solutions. DFT clients include ABC, A&E, CBS, Disney, Fox, HBO, Netflix, Turner, Warner Bros, and first-time storytellers alike.

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