Rackspace Acquisition strengthens private cloud usage for DFT

Professionally managed cloud support facilitates our back end cloud work flows. We utilize this cloud support on services ranging from dailies, archival, and remote creative services as well as on our award winning software, Critique. Rackspace has consistently delivered the high caliber support we expect from managed cloud. Knowing that area of service is taken care of allows us to focus on our clients at the front end and deliver a more seamless cloud service experience.

The acquisition by Apollo Global shifts Rackspace towards private cloud, specifically Amazon Web Services. This shift mirrors DigitalFilm Tree’s own move toward using more private AWS cloud.

“That was always the strong suit of Rackspace from the beginning…” Says DigitalFilm Tree’s own CIO, Guillaume Aubuchon, who has long worked closely with Rackspace because of their ability to manage and support infrastructure, “so absolutely we would continue to use them in support of AWS.”

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