“The Suitcase” case study blog post

As part of the ETC Cloud Project, the independent short film “The Suitcase” implemented cloud workflows in their production process by taking data from camera to cloud. All production data was ID’d as it was uploaded into the cloud, providing streamlined searchability and access to all associated media.

DigitalFilm Tree (DFT) has been at the forefront of helping productions like The Suitcase transition to cloud based workflows. DFT’s media collaboration software, Critique, has provided camera to cloud workflows for over 15 productions, generating immutable asset ID’s with every production asset that gets uploaded through Critique Cloud Dailies. Critique’s CTO, Chris Chen, spearheaded this process on the Suitcase project. DFTs creative talent, online editor Thomas Gaylon and colorist Henry Santos, also worked on the film.

More and more productions are utilizing Cloud Technologies. “The Suitcase” joins DigitalFilm Tree in leading the media and entertainment industry into the new wave of production cloud workflows.