the 2023 equity survey revisited

as our industry continues to struggle with getting back to work (and a looming potential strike), we at dft (digitalfilm tree) recognize how big a role income, and the work we do in exchange for it, plays in a person’s mental health and overall wellbeing.

finance is the largest topic of arguments in most relationships, and a main source of stress for any business or individual. april was actually stress awareness month, and dft partnered with katie hinsen in 2023 for the post production rate survey. the rate survey is an anonymous ask of everyone working in the post production community and serves as a reference year-round for anyone to ensure they are receiving fair pay for their role, experience, and location.

april was also autism awareness month. the post rate survey showed clearly that the pay disparity between those with a disability (which autism is characterized as such) is equivalent to 25% less than their colleagues without a disability.

the post production rate survey was published in january of 2024 and provided a snapshot of our community; making it easier on those looking for work and to ask for increase with data to back them up.

hinsen opens the survey in q4 each year and generally allows one month for the anonymous feedback to be collected, and one month to analyze the data. with the survey being completely anonymous it allows everyone from colorists and editors to accountants and assistants to respond without concern for public disclosure, while helping everyone to have and build stronger careers in our industry.

we look forward to partnering with hinsen again this year, and to hear more from her you can check out her episode of the drop in season 7, dfttalks, which was all about taboos in our industry. thanks to the post production rate survey more of our industry has equity when sitting at the table of any company and can know they are earning or asking for a fair wage.

DFTTalks episode thumbnail, stage with spotlights and red carpet, the words diversity below the line.