about: amanda seah

amanda seah

sr. matchmove/layout artist

“whether you're in upper management or if you're an artist, we're all in it. you're part of a team.”

based: vancouver, bc

since: april 2023

amanda seah lives for hard shots. the harder, the better. (no, really). a visual effects master with over a decade of varied experience in animation, modeling, and tracking (her speciality) amanda can't exist in a bubble, and therefore applies her vast cultural experience as a world traveler (from singapore to china to her current home base of vancouver) to her life and work. pragmatic, practical, and practiced, Amanda, like many post-artists, is creative and solution-driven, always searching for ways to make her work (and everyone else's) easier. she cites a tedious shot of a glass container from the umbrella academy as a highlight: in an attempt to make the shot easier for compositors, she kept the object static. “now I get to make decisions,” she says. “i'm actually using my brains and that's actually working and i'm getting validated.”

current obsession: boxing 🥊 – it not only keeps my body and mind active, boxing also trains your reflexes and improve your reaction time. and, helps reduce stress and anxiety!

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068