about: andrew camera

andrew camera

vfx editor

“seeing all the work, how it comes together from everyone that works here is amazing. it's something that i'm proud to say i contributed to.”

based: long island, ny

since: december 2022

andrew camera calls himself a “second pair of eyes.” while his role as vfx editor involves a lot of moving parts (and a lot of emails), his most important task is quality control; he looks over shots, ensuring there are no errors before files are sent to dft clients. before joining dft, andrew worked as a video editor/cinematographer for a beauty brand. during the pandemic, he studied post-production programs including davinci resolve, which led him to dft. “i knew that thing backwards and forwards, in and out. so i felt confident that if i was using that software, i'd be able to excel in whatever they threw at me,” he says.”

andrew also credits “imposter syndrome,” a go-getter attitude, and an eagerness to encompass post-production for his success as a vfx editor. and his favorite part of the job is, essentially, the chaos. “i like the ability to work on different things or moving from different shows,” he says. “it just makes it interesting to not be stuck on one particular thing. it is very much moving, but i thrive in that type of environment.”

current obsession: tk

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068