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gregory sztain


"[dft has] a mindset without being beaten down for speaking out of place because there is no place to be. you're there. it really goes a long way in that you're treated with that respect."

based: los angeles,ca

since: march 2012

gregory sztain is dft's attorney, but he started as so much more. when he first started working with dft-a law school grad struggling to find work during the recession-his role was very different than it is now. he worked as a general counsel, but he knows the software, so he also worked as a product manager/producer/whatever-was-needed-at-the-time, selling dft to clients in pitch meetings (he's also well-versed in talking to people). now that his role is primarily focused on law-”pretty cut and dry,” he says-he understands his value to the company. as a lawyer, he's trained to ask, "how could this go wrong?" which provides balance to the creative-infused company. "i love meeting people that are enthusiastic and then helping them. that's my thing." gregory loves that his job is not strictly law (the courtroom always bored him): it's a mix of business and law. "my job is not just to say, 'oh, this is illegal, you can't do it.' it's coming up with business solutions."

current obsession: tiki bars

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068