about: jared kengla

jared kengla

vfx artist

“i'm very comfortable here. i really like what i do. i feel like it is in line with my goals as an artist.”

based: brooklyn, ny

since: august 2022

jared kengla began working for dft as a contractor before joining the exemplary team full-time. jared loves the challenge of visual effects: any project can “quickly balloon” into something very complicated that requires artistry and technology. for an upcoming film project, he had to create and combine a lot of elements – including horses and carriages – and layer them, which took months. “it was tough. it was long, but i'm proud of the way it all came together in the end,” he says. before joining dft, jared worked for an architectural rendering studio in brooklyn after graduating from savannah college of art and design in savannah, georgia, both of which prepared him for the urgency of the deadline-driven entertainment industry. jared loves being an artist, but the technical aspect of vfx, including software integration, motivates him. “something that sounds simple [that] a lot of visual effects artists think of as a small task, can build up into something quite complicated.”

current obsession: listening to audiobooks read by the author.

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068