about: joshua gluck

joshua gluck

sr. vfx generalist

"when i think about work, i think less about the work itself, and more about the relative autonomy and freedom i have here and having supervisors/coworkers who are entirely supportive of that culture is a luxury i'd be hard pressed to find elsewhere."

based: los angeles,ca

since: september 2021

joshua gluck's path to the film industry began with his childhood dream of becoming a paleontologist, which led him to the stephen spielberg classic jurassic park. then he found out that a majority of the gig was writing and research. "it was a lot less exciting than that. jurassic park implied it was."" but what was exciting was the making of the dinosaurs. "in a roundabout way, i always wanted to do this," says gluck, who works at dft as a senior vfx generalist. in his role, he works on the complicated shots, and his expertise extends to 3d models, rendering, and textures. his path to visual effects solidified when he joined a lightsaber choreography competition forum after the release of star wars: the phantom menace, where he helped others with visual effects for the lightsabers and blasters. joshua, who worked as a freelancer in the industry and in events photography and photo retouching before joining dft, is a night owl. "if i'm having a slow day, i might have that artist's epiphany at like 8 p.m."

current obsession: tk

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068