about: mike streeter

mike streeter

night operations manager

"as cheesy as it is, there definitely is a little bit of a family atmosphere while remaining professional."

based: los angeles,ca

since: october 2015

if things run smoothly for dft's day crew, it's all thanks to mike streeter's management of the night crew. night operations are no easy feat: what happens under the cover of night sets dft up for success when the sun is shining. it's mike streeter's job to manage any and all night operations, which are focused on geppost and dailies, which affect the entire dft pipeline. "we help out with vfx, we help out with online, we help out with any deliverables. basically anything that happens after the main crew is off," he says. mike, a self-described "big film nerd," is particularly proud of his team's work on ted lasso. lasso, a complicated project given the production's operations across the pond and one entire continent away and on tight deadlines. "i worked on it from day one, on the dailies, so literally [from] the first thing that ever came in. it was special right from the beginning, but it was so cool getting to see something that blew up the way that it did,” he says. in his own time, mike pursues his own filmmaking, including a feature film clawface, a slasher film inspired by the 1980s classics centered around an unsuspecting group of hikers.

current obsession: i keep myself sane by mindlessly binging my comfort shows seinfeld and friends during my limited downtime. oh, and sacramento kings basketball. i watch every game.

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068