about: paul edmiston

paul edmiston

sr. geopost & dailies operator

"you're a person here. they know who my kids are. they know my wife's name. it's not a thing to take advantage of."

based: los angeles,ca

since: september 2019

if we're doing sports analogies, paul edmiston is a utility player. he comes with decades of experience in the entertainment industry both on productions and at other post-houses; so basically, he's seen it all, knows it all, and can do it all. paul is on-hand throughout the day to address any and all issues that arise on the client-side or internally. before becoming sr. io & dailies technician, paul joined dft as a dailies operator, working on shows including american housewife and ncis: los angeles. like most people at dft, paul worked on ted lasso, a show he describes as "challenging" and "constant" given the plethora of footage and complicated size of files, which he welcomed as an opportunity, especially because the show is personal. one night while processing footage, paul realized that before moving to london to coach soccer ted lasso coached football at wichita state, where his family attended (and he remembered). "there's a study hall with my last name on it: edmiston study hall. her portrait is in the library," he says. "they haven't had football since 1986."

current obsession: i do love to play the drums even though i've never been in a band. i do love to throw a football even though i've never played quarterback. i wish i could say i'm obsessed with my stand-up career (people say i'm funny), but i've never been on stage. but, one thing i did do (start) and am obsessed with would be my family. i am obsessed with my wife, sheila and the well-being of my kids, isabella and evan. dft helps me with that obsession. i am also obsessed with a certain kansas city chiefs quarterback who has allowed me to see three super bowl wins, but that's not as important as family and you can tell sheila i said that.

and yes, it was awesome to transfer the locker room footage of ted lasso dancing with the wichita state shockers. many generations of both sides of my family graduated from wsu. my grandmother helped make it a state university and that's why her portrait hangs in the library.

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068