about: rachel slott

rachel slott

geodailies operator

"[at dft], we speak face to face with the ceo and the coo. that's not usually, in my experience, a thing that has been common. um, you know, we have and they're like, you have good relationships with them. it's not like you're just somebody. they're like, oh, you just like, are somebody that works for me."


since: february 2022

rachel slott, who comes from a post-house background, started at dft as a dailies operator. in only two years, her role expanded into geopost operator. she helps the night crew set the dft day crew up for success by taking care of everything in geopost management. “we'll have stuff that the client can access without necessarily having to come into dft. they can access it from wherever they are,” she says. “it also helps us to quickly turn around stuff because camera masters and media will live on secure servers during the duration of a show.” rachel's organizational skills, industry knowledge, thoughtfulness, and warmth make her integral to the tiny night crew. the resort, the first show she worked on at dft, was her biggest challenge so far. with obstacles including particularly large files, unreliable internet connections on location in puerto rico, and long wait times. tedious as it was, rachel exercised her patience and grace and ultimately made it work. rachel loves her role on the night crew, but has dreams of growing her career at dft. she's particularly drawn to the creative potential of visual effects, and has spent her free time speaking with vfx artists at dft, learning hands-on from her colleagues.

current obsession: my current obsessions definitely change like the wind haha but my biggest current one is probably the six of crows book series duology by leigh bardugo, it's a series i read last year for the first time and very quickly fell in love with. i bought multiple copies of the books, created an art display wall, bought merch, and recently got a tattoo for it so that's definitely the current obsession!

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