about: renita henley

renita henley

hr manager

"it's not a challenge presenting new benefits or opportunities for the company to offer the employees. they're very welcoming to it and very open to it."

based: los angeles,ca

since: may 2016

renita henley transformed the lives of every employee at dft. renita, who has experience in aerospace and the medical industry, came on board on a part-time basis in her first job in the entertainment industry as a maternity leave cover, and has stuck around due to her undeniable impact and equally undeniable warmth. renita set a goal to expand the company's benefits options and added vision care, all of which she accomplished as the company-and her duties-grew tremendously. vision care was essential for renita to add to the company's benefits package for two main reasons: 1. many young people don't think of vision care as something they need, but they do (or will, eventually), and 2. it's necessary given that pretty much every employee at the company stares at screens all day. unlike some of her past roles. renita has made a verifiable difference at dft, and along the way has learned-and continues to learn-about the intricacies of entertainment and post-production, including how departments such as visual effects and online work.

current obsession: paisley, her puppy

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068