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scott bradbury


"dft just has a different philosophy. it's really refreshing being able to do new things in an environment where the company makes money and it's solid and it takes care of people. it has longevity because of that, not in spite of it."

based: los angeles, ca

since: february 2022

scott bradbury is here to continue dft's reputation for being one of the entertainment industry's great innovators. scott has worked in the entertainment industry for over two decades, with an exemplary background as a finishing editor, colorist, and visual effects artists. but at dft, he's not just one thing. although he started as an editor, his skill set-which includes but is certainly not limited to a wealth of industry experience, tech knowledge, and a plethora of patience-quickly evolved his role into cto. now he's the guy: the guy who has a solution to every problem, the guy who thinks five, ten, even fifteen years ahead. “hollywood is a really strange town,” he says. “there can be a lot of reticence to adopt new technology.” as a forward-thinking innovator, bradbury wishes he discovered dft years ago because of the company's eagerness to embrace his advanced ideas. “the stuff i've been doing at dft were things that i was pushing for years elsewhere."

current obsession: brewing mead! i've been learning a millennia-old craft that combines my love of fermentation, spreadsheets and a good drink.

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068