about: sophie seigel

sophie seigel

manager of talent acquisition and employment brand

“we really bring that like white glove service to everything. we know everything about clients when they come in. we're really bringing that all and just kind of making everyone feel really part of the team. i see that not only in the work, but also how we interact with each other.

based: orlando, fl

since: june 2023

sophie siegel's bubbly, positive energy-as strong at 9 o'clock in the morning as it is at the dreaded 5pm meeting-is contagious. sophie, who comes from a theater background and with experience as a recruiter in the entertainment and post-industry, is responsible for shaping dft. sophie's job includes finding candidates, networking, onboarding employees, and building (and maintaining) an employment brand, both internally and externally. since her arrival, sophie has enriched dft's unique, transparent, and lively culture inclusive of everyone, from los angeles to vancouver to florida (her home base), and from vfx to online to billing. sophie arranged virtual coffees, which are one on ones between employees who otherwise might never work together, let alone find a reason to chat. “it's brought a lot of people closer,” she says. “so it's kind of to keep that company culture and morale up.” and it certainly has: virtual coffees have quickly become a highlight of employees' days, weeks, months, even years. “maintaining a healthy company culture starts with the people,” sophie says. “and the people that we have on our team really understand the importance of communication and the importance of boundaries.”

current obsession: my ongoing obsession with bruce springsteen, my extensive vhs and dvd collection and rewatching “the larry sanders show.”

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068