about: susan tamas

susan tamas

office administrator

"i am blown away by the community and the team building."

based: los angeles, ca

since: may 2023

susan tamas considers herself the “first line of defense” at dft. a warm, smiling line of defense, that is. in addition to making everyone who walks through dft's doors feel part of the family. susan's long list of responsibilities include making sure the coffee is brewed and hot (thank you very much) and ensuring that the kitchen is fully stocked with snacks. the very detailed and extraordinarily organized susan arrived at dft after 17 years at ridley scott and associates and working as a covid compliance officer on productions. parties and birthdays are the highlight of susan's first year at dft. dft takes celebrations-from the infamous ted lasso wrap party to employee birthdays-as seriously as bradley cooper takes awards season, and it's susan's job to arrange gifts and “a shower with love from dft,” as she calls it. “i get to learn about all the team members and what they like and their dislikes and what they enjoy doing,” she says.

current obsession: my obsession would have to be playing animal crossing: new horizons. i've been building my island for over a year now! 🙂 and david from schitt'$ creek - behind on shows and just recently started watching it.

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068