about: thomas gaylon, csi

thomas gaylon, csi

senior colorist/cto

"dft is an interesting place because everyone has a voice and everyone can make positive improvements to the facility."

based: los angeles,ca

since: september 2013

when thomas gaylon talks about tech and gadgets, he lights up like the ocean at sunrise. the senior colorist and co-cto has moved through most departments at dft, from dailies to dubbing to online to night operations. and as a result, everyone has a story about him, whether it's a fun anecdote or an example of how his technological innovations made everyone's job better. thomas sees challenges-such as bloated servers-as possibilities, not problems. "there's always something," he says. "there's always something to know. there's always something to learn." as a colorist, he has a chance to wield his creativity and to work alongside clients to find the best solution. and as co-cto, thomas has the opportunity to use his strategic, forward-thinking mind (which is essentially a tech encyclopedia) daily. "i love servers and computers and all the things that a lot of people find boring."

current obsession: trying to best sherlock in the board game 'sherlock consulting detective'. also playing with generative ai.

3475 cahuenga blvd. west
los angeles, ca 90068