from the desk of the coo – april 1st, 2022

dear dft,

there’s a lot of good happening in these halls, around our remote campuses (your homes!), and even abroad thanks to you all.

we’re in quite a time for this industry – something we’ll continue digging into as a team, as departments, and on the drop. production workflows are becoming more nuanced and increasingly innovative as we all pivot and adapt during this most recent and evolution in our industry.

the lot of you are just brilliant. the impact you’re making not just with the shows we get to work on, but how you’re adapting and leading in this house and outside of it is always an incredibly humbling thing to witness. i cannot thank you enough.

especially at such a dense time of growth and pivoting, amplifying one another’s strengths and covering for each other’s blind spots – i’m just incredibly proud to serve and work alongside y’all.

with gratitude,