hpa retreat appointments

//12pm on march 16th
//1pm on march 23rd

ramy katrib, digitalfilm tree ceo, is hosting a round table discussion on:

virtual production for television

//10am-1pm on march 23rd

video reveal of “found lederhosen”, with digitalfilm tree’s team providing our safetyviz solutions


found lederhosen supersession day 1 – 7 movies, 6 cities, 5 audio mixes, 4 color spaces, 3 clouds, 2 live transmitters, 1 game

the irrepressible jz (joachim zell) will host an incredible look at 7 filmmakers, who in the midst of the pandemic shot films in london, dubai, ulaanbaatar (mongolia) , mexico city, brisbane and hollywood, not only testing themselves from a health and safety perspective but absolutely pushing and redefining creative, connected, remote, collaborative, cloud-based workflows. join this session for a look at the tools, tech, workflows and filmmakers who braved virus and next gen filmmaking today.

info: https://hpaonline.com/event/2021-hpa-tech-retreat/?tab=schedule