WATCH: Ramy Katrib @ CMMA Conference Keynote Q&A Webcast

“The future of Hollywood – and Topeka”

Hollywood literally meets Topeka in this live Keynote Q&A between CMMA President Chris Barry and Digital Film Tree’s CEO Ramy Katrib.

Katrib, a film industry veteran, will give an eye witness tour through the dramatic changes the digital revolution has brought to Hollywood. He’ll share valuable stories and tips on how the strongest survive, as production continues its evolution from analog to files to the cloud – and how the changes have created significant opportunities outside of Hollywood.

Ramy Katrib is CEO of one of Hollywood’s leading visual effects and workflow consultancies, Digital Film Tree Studio. Their credits include the motion pictures Napoleon Dynamite and Her, TV shows NCIS Los Angeles, Cougar Town and Scrubs as well as partnerships with Apple, Adobe and many other corporate clients.