we aced home economics!

digitalfilm tree (dft) was proud to work on all 3 seasons of of “home economics” which premiered on abc and ran next day on hulu. at dft, we had the honor of working with their team across previous, dailies, geopost, color, vfx and online through to archival.

while friend of dft, shaley brooks of iris digital post handled sdr color, our sr. colorists thomas galyon and henry santos worked to recreate his vision in hdr color, which is vital for streaming and future proofing his look for the show across platforms.

visual effects isn’t all explosions in the distance! on home economics we got to work on everything from doves to the golden gate bridge and even a fun day on a roof top with topher. our talented vfx team included artists far and wide, from jared kengla and joshua gluck out in new york, to michael carter and carlo vega (who also supervised on set vfx shoots) here in los angeles, as well as our team to the north in vancouver with mike leeming lending his producer hat!

cinecode, dft’s previsualization team, and also your vfx budget’s bff, helped to map out the season two opener of home economics which took place in levi’s stadium as one of the main characters got to go on field for the halftime kick! cinecode allowed the show’s creative teams to plan for how to shoot the surroundings for a vfx stadium and crowd while keeping our well known actors from looking like they were playing against a green screen. the budget saved on travel and renting the stadium alone more than paid for previs for the big season opener!

team dailies/geopost are the unsung heroes of it all. they work remotely, across different areas to collect the camera raw footage and daily footage, to bring innovation to the forefront of this series. this helps keep the process streamlined and smooth. dailies was a journey across all 3 seasons – shooting local to los angeles, but hating the traffic to drop off camera cards. we employed the geopod dailies capture station for season one, making it easy for the dit or data wrangler to offload media immediately from the set. once team home economics was back from the pandemic hiatus, traffic in la was yet quite light, and we returned to a traditional drop off scenario. but thanks to geopost, and having all media online for the duration of the season, we were also able to help with promo requests, and kept the show going in all locations since shaley, their sdr colorist, worked off site from dft and the sound stage!

our online/conform team consisting of jacob tillman and lakan de leon allowed for the whole project to come together, from remote review sessions with the creative team, to last vfx drop ins and making sure all color, sound and multi platform needs were accounted for in crossing the finish line all three seasons.

we remain hopeful that it’s not a goodbye, but a see you sooner rather than later thanks to archiving all the footage here at dft (one of our many amazing services). take a look back on the full journey in the latest reel. thank you for taking us along on this journey!